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Industrial ceiling fans

Get to know our HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans

We have changed the world of industrial fans forever; Featuring Titan, ECO and XP industrial fans, our force motors are lightweight and range from 8' to 24' in diameter. The HVLS Industrial Fans (High Volume and Low Speed) , guarantee the optimal distribution of air and temperature , guaranteeing the improvement of the comfort of your employees , achieving high energy savings in air conditioning of up to 40%


There are commercially available industrial fans and then there is the Titan. This uniquely designed fan spreads air to all corners of your facility in a constant and silent manner, with its colossal blades, available in 5 diameter sizes: 14' (4.26m) - 16' (4.9m) - 18`(5.5m) - 20' (6.1m) - 24' (7.32m) .

TITAN ceiling fan


Blade diameter available in 8 sizes: 8' (2.45m), 10' (3.05m), 12' (3.66m), 14' (4.27m), 16' (4.88m), 18' (5.5m), 20' (6.1m) or 24' (7.32m), this ultra-lightweight fan uses a custom BL-DC motor with a "Plug & Play" design for easy and simple operation. facility.

ECO ceiling fan


Introducing the new line of Hunter Industrial fans – the XP series

Introducing the latest addition to Hunter's line of industrial fans - the highly efficient XP line, specifically designed for year-round HVAC cost savings and easy installation. Designed with a direct drive motor and industrial components, XP fans come with a standard 2 foot rigid mount and are powered by a 110v input. In addition to being lightweight, this fan is completely silent and features variable speed control to provide fully adjustable airflow for maximum performance and efficiency, all at an unbeatable price.

XP ceiling fan


We have three options to control one or all of your Hunter industrial fans; It's never been easier to direct the amount of airflow you want in each space.