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ECO Industrial Fan

The featherweight that hits like a heavyweight

Hunter Industrial continues its tradition of innovation with the launch of its ECO line. These high volume, low speed industrial fans are the lightest and most economical on the industrial fan market. With blades ranging in diameter from 24 to 8 feet, spaces like auto shops, gyms and warehouses can experience controlled temperatures – at a cost that blows the competition away. Simply put, the ECO does more with less!

Similar to the Titan, the ECO uses a custom direct drive motor specifically designed for the industrial fan market and blades designed by aerospace engineers. The ECO line offers a full range of control options, including our standard 1:1 analog control and our pluggable touchscreen controls with the flexibility to drive up to 30 fans. Plug-and-play technology and lightweight components make the ECO quick and easy to install, meaning your fan will be up and cooling your facility in no time.


24 feet in diameter

159lbs / 72kg

61rpm top speed

120 feet Dia | 14,400 feet
area charts
maximum reached


20 feet in diameter

145lbs / 66kg

77rpm top speed

100 feet Dia | 10,000 feet
area charts
maximum reached


18 feet in diameter

138lbs / 62kg

78rpm top speed

90 ft Dia | 8,100 feet
area charts
maximum reached


16 feet in diameter

135lbs / 61kg

95rpm top speed

80 ft Dia | 6,400 feet
area charts
maximum reached


14 feet in diameter

128lbs / 61kg

107rpm top speed

70 ft Dia | 4,900 feet
area charts
maximum reached


12 feet in diameter

101lbs / 46kg

107rpm top speed

60 ft Dia | 3,600 feet
area charts
maximum reached


10 feet in diameter

94lbs / 43kg

139rpm top speed

50 ft Dia | 2,500 feet
area charts
maximum reached


8 feet in diameter

87lbs / 40kg

156rpm top speed

40 ft Dia | 1,600 feet
area charts
maximum reached

Sorry, gearbox.
We prefer to operate the direct-drive

We abandoned the gearbox. We let her go like a hot potato. Well, actually, I take a lot of research and development. But the result was our innovative direct-drive motor that is the heart and soul of our industrial fans. It is much lighter. Amazingly efficient. More powerful than any other existing industrial ceiling fan. In addition to being more economical (considering the installation, operation and maintenance costs).

So good luck awkward change fan. Maybe you can find a job as an anchor or something like that.

Click on the video to learn how to install your ECO fan

An investment for life

Since 1886, Hunter has been crafting ceiling fans that last a lifetime and beyond. Our industrial ceiling fans are no exception. Fewer blades, fewer moving parts, less weight – and of course, superior in-house design and engineering – which means your Hunter Industrial Fans will most likely outlive where they're installed.

Our HVLS vents are very light. They move more air than any other industrial ceiling fan on the market. Installation is easy, we eliminate all high-maintenance parts, and our fan warranty is one of the best in the industry. No matter how you put it, Hunter Fan Industrial fans are the best for your business.