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TITAN Industrial Fan

TITAN = High Air Volume, Low Velocity

There are commercially available industrial fans and then there is the Titan. This uniquely designed fan spreads air to all corners of your facility in a constant and silent manner, with its colossal blades, available in 5 diameter sizes: 14' (4.26m) - 16' (4.9m) - 18`(5.5m) - 20' (6.1m) - 24' (7.32m).


24 feet in diameter

204lbs / 93kg

71rpm top speed

150 ft Dia | 22,500 feet
area charts
maximum reached


20 feet in diameter

190lbs / 86kg

74rpm top speed

125 feet Dia | 15,625 feet
area charts
maximum reached


18 feet in diameter

183lbs / 83kg

95rpm top speed

113 ft Dia | 12,769 feet
area charts
maximum reached


16 feet in diameter

175lbs / 79kg

102rpm top speed

100 feet Dia | 10,000 feet
area charts
maximum reached


14 feet in diameter

168lbs / 76kg

105rpm top speed

83 ft Dia | 7,744 feet
area charts
maximum reached

dc motor

The Titan is characterized by having the first direct current motor, specifically designed for the industrial ventilation sector. Pre-wired extensions and pre-attached mounting brackets make installation quick and easy. The most efficient ceiling fan, offering you ample air movement, at a lower operating cost and greater energy savings throughout the year. Improve comfort and productivity.

The easiest installation on the market

Everything that we could pre-install in our factory, we did for you. In the following video you can see how easy it is to install our industrial fans.

Our fans are built to last.

Since 1886, Hunter has been crafting ceiling fans that last a lifetime. Our industrial ceiling fans are no exception. Fewer blades, fewer moving parts, less weight – and of course, superior internal design and engineering – ensuring the long life of our fans.

Our HVLS vents are very light. They move more air than any other industrial ceiling fan on the market. Installation is easy, we eliminate all high-maintenance parts, and our fan warranty is one of the best in the industry. No matter how you put it, Hunter Fan Industrial fans are the best for your business.