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Spring is here, which means longer, warmer days to enjoy the outdoors. The right outdoor ceiling fan can improve comfort, add style to your space, and enhance your entire outdoor experience. Hunter offers three different types of outdoor ceiling fans to suit different locations, from covered patios to pergolas, even in areas with harsh weather.

Why does ceiling fan placement matter?

Some fans are designed for direct exposure to water, while others are not. Along with operational errors, cosmetic issues like rust and sagging can arise if you don't choose the right outdoor fan for your space. Our outdoor ceiling fans are tested to ensure that the fan finish, blade finishes, and all electrical components can withstand the environmental elements you may experience outdoors to ensure maximum safety and performance.

There are two general categories for outdoor ceiling fans: moisture resistant and waterproof. We went a step further and innovated WeatherMax® technology so they can withstand harsh weather elements like salty air and thunderstorms.

So when you want to update your outdoor space with a new outdoor fan, be sure to check the rating when shopping for the right model.

Water Resistance vs Moisture Resistance: What's the difference?

The key difference between these two types of fans is the amount of humidity they can handle. Both types are designed to offer protection against corrosion, but only ceiling fans that are waterproof can handle direct exposure to the elements. For that reason, they must pass more rigorous water spray tests. Moisture resistant fans should only be placed in covered areas and not directly exposed to the elements.

Let's take a look at what to look for in moisture-resistant, waterproof, and WeatherMax ceiling fans so you can choose the best option for your outdoor space.

What is a Damp Rated Ceiling Fan?

Damp-rated fans are ideal for covered outdoor spaces like patios and decks. Their ability to withstand exposure to moisture also makes them ideal for interior spaces like bathrooms and laundry rooms. Some of our favorite moisture rated outdoor fans are the modern Cassius fan, the Mill Valley farmhouse fan, and the classic but famous Hunter Original fan.

Ideal for areas that don't have direct contact with rain, snow or ice, humidity-rated fans can handle humidity like a pro, but aren't designed for immediate exposure to water. Consider installing a moisture resistant fan in spaces such as:

  • covered patios
  • garages
  • Bathrooms
  • Covered or sheltered terraces
  • laundries

What is a waterproof ceiling fan?

For outdoor spaces exposed to snow or rain, a waterproof fan is the way to go.

One outdoor fan that is rated for water resistance is the Sea Wind . This type of waterproof outdoor ceiling fan is designed and manufactured to withstand direct contact with water and humidity, which makes it ideal for terraces and pergolas.
To certify that our fans are waterproof, they must go through various tests to verify the safety of the components. One of the tests carried out by our engineers is the rain test, in which high-powered hoses are used to simulate rain on the fan. During this test, the ceiling fan has almost six full bathtubs of water raining on it!

Waterproof-rated outdoor ceiling fans can handle just about anything Mother Nature throws at it. At Hunter, waterproof-rated fans are built with moisture-resistant motors and durable blades for long, safe performance. Use our fans in these spaces that are exposed to rain, snow, or ice, including:

  • viewpoints
  • pergolas
  • exposed roofs
  • uncovered patios
  • cabins
  • terraces

What is a WeatherMax fan?

Hunter's WeatherMax ceiling fans are designed for the outdoors with features and technologies that go beyond your average humidity rated fans. WeatherMax designs are resistant to moisture, as well as corrosion and salt air, perfect for beachfront properties or lakeside homes. They feature premium materials to maintain their style and performance, as well as durable materials to maintain the blade's shape and angle. Technology is as much thought as design, so it's comforting to know that stylish models like the Havoc Outdoor Fan will withstand all weather conditions.

Most WeatherMax fans also carry our SureSpeed® guarantee for optimized high-speed performance. Built for the elements, WeatherMax fans provide reliable performance, season after season. They're specifically designed to maintain a long-lasting look while offering maximum airflow that keeps you cool and comfortable from coast to coast.

Frequently asked questions about outdoor fans

Can outdoor moisture or water rated fans be used indoors?

Yes! Outdoor fans can be used indoors, but indoor fans cannot be used outdoors. For indoor spaces that are prone to moisture, such as laundry rooms or bathrooms, we suggest using a moisture-safe fan, so you don't have to worry about corrosion or moisture damage.

Can an indoor fan be used in garages or covered terraces?

No, even if your outdoor space is partially enclosed or screened, an indoor ceiling fan will not be rated or approved to handle even the slightest amount of moisture. In fact, using an indoor fan outdoors can be downright dangerous: if damaged by the elements, the fan can short out and start an electrical fire.

Do I need an extension tube for my outdoor ceiling fan?

If your ceiling is over 8 feet high, no, you should use a low profile outdoor ceiling fan that does not require an extension tube.
If your ceiling is taller than 9 feet or more, yes, you are going to use an outdoor-rated extension tube. Your Hunter outdoor ceiling fan includes the appropriately rated extension tube. We stock a variety of extension tubes in various sizes to ensure the proper fit for your ceiling height.

Where can I find the best waterproof rated outdoor ceiling fans?

We have a variety of quality moisture-rated and waterproof fans to bring comfort and style to every outdoor area. Choose from options with or without lights in various sizes and finishes to complement your design scheme. Regardless of your preferred style, all of our outdoor ceiling fans are built for long-lasting use and unmatched performance.

The key to improving the appearance of your home is to treat your outdoor space with the same love and attention that you give your indoor spaces. Get the high-end style you crave by shopping the quality-engineered Hunter Outdoor Fan Collection now.

For more help on choosing a ceiling fan, check out our product selector.