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A purple shield with a water splash behind it that says WeatherMax

Tough against Corrosion

Keeps your outdoor spaces cool without losing its shape. WeatherMax fans feature materials that are resistant to corrosion from water and salt air.


Whether it's a light rain or storm, a WeatherMax fan will hold its own against moisture or water damage in any environment to prevent blade malfunction or warping.

maintains its shape

Blades that hold their shape and won't warp or droop like other fans. Our blades will always be ready to create an optimal and refreshing air breeze when you need it.

Tough against the toughest climates.

Hunter WeatherMax fans are built to perform for many years in harsh environments.

Our engineers tested the materials and construction of the fans to ensure high durability.


It holds its shape.

These fans are designed with the highest quality materials to maintain their shape and prevent blade droop.

We use stronger and more durable materials for the blades than regular ceiling fans. In this way, we ensure that the aesthetics are attractive while the performance remains intact to grant maximum airflow.


High performance in the rain.

Waterproof WeatherMax fans are rigorously tested under powerful jets of water to ensure they can withstand the highest pressure possible. These outdoor fans are specifically designed to keep your components protected from water, avoiding any malfunction.

So go ahead and install it in an outdoor space without fear of rain, everything will be fine!


Tough against corrosion.

Other outdoor ceiling fans are showing signs of retirement after just a few seasons. But the WeatherMax will always look good thanks to its components made from durable polymers and stainless steel.

Humidity and salty air may affect others, but WeatherMax ceiling fans will hold their own.


Designs that last.

WeatherMax fans bring your outdoor spaces to life. Their extraordinary designs with an extensive variety of finishes give you the opportunity to finish your space exactly how you need it.

In addition, the resistant materials of these fans will make their design always stand out regardless of the type of weather.


lighter. More air. Faster.

All WeatherMax come equipped with SureSpeed ​​technology, ensuring 20% ​​faster airflow where you need it most.

There's a WeatherMax fan ready for your outdoor space.

Shop for a durable and stylish WeatherMax ceiling fan. Each comes with Hunter's Limited Lifetime Warranty and quiet operation.






“A beautiful day is always made better by a Hunter ceiling fan.”