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Inspired design

John Hunter taught us to look beyond the latest interior design trends to find something fresh and exciting. Inspiration can be around any corner, classic looks can always be switched up for a modern flair, and there's always an interesting partnership to be made that can turn your ceiling fan into a centerpiece.

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Worry and wobbly free

Hunter ceiling fans are designed to be as dependable as they are whisper quiet. We test, and test, and test each design a little too much. In fact, we perform more quality testing than any of our competitors. If you're interested in our testing process watch our video. You'll see how we test for weather conditions, vibrations and a lot more.

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smart design

You deserve complete control of your comfort. Hunter fans incorporate smart home technology to give it to you. The latest innovations are always welcome in our fans, and they'll be welcome in your home.

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Hunter for business

We believe in going big or going home. So, when it came to industrial fans we went really big. It takes a lot of fan to cool massive square feet, and we secceeded with our Hunter Industrial line of fans. They're big fans ready I save you big money.

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“The best seat in the house is always the one under a Hunter ceiling fan”
-John Hunter