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¿La mejor marca de ventiladores de techo? Esa es una respuesta fácil. <h1 itemprop="headline">The best brand of ceiling fans? That is an easy answer.</h1>

For 135 years, we've continually reinvented ceiling fan design to transform your space. We've created styles that inspire and technologies that will keep you comfortable in your home. Hunter Fan Company was born out of a desire to innovate, inventing the first ceiling fan in 1886…135 years ago! To this day, we continue to perfect ourselves with everything possible while staying true to our core values. Our commitment to you motivates us to be the best ceiling fan brand in the industry.


You inspire us every day. Focusing on the needs of our consumers, we create each one of the pieces with the intention of not only ventilating or emitting some type of light, but also to elevate the atmosphere and style of each space.

From start to finish, we pay special attention to detail. We bring a critical eye to design to create styles that can match any taste. We use high-quality materials such as aluminum blades – light as a feather – and ultra-quiet motors. We test prototypes until we are sure that we have created a product with high functionality and durability. In the end, you'll have a ceiling fan with the highest performance and stunning design, for a lifetime.


It all starts in our test lab in Memphis, Tennessee, where our engineers and technicians put our products through rigorous testing. We even perform double the required tests. We have invented some tests that are already required for any manufacturer of ceiling fans today, such as the vibration test. We use ultraviolet lights and pressurized water hoses to test our outdoor ceiling fans to make sure they will maintain their performance and looks come rain or shine.

We take performance very seriously. That's how we are. It's why our fans are designed with direct drive motors to move more air and use light that's efficient and bright. Materials, motor, blade shape and angles: each element is meticulously designed to offer a silent fan without oscillations.


Hunter Fan Company was founded on innovation. John Hunter and his son James used their shotgun manufacturing business to start the first manufacturer of ceiling fans. From there they went on to design a belt driven ceiling fan that is powered by a water system followed by one of the first electric ceiling fans.

We have not stopped innovating in 135 years. We've pioneered new designs and revolutionary innovations, from our high-velocity SureSpeed® ceiling fans to our corrosion-resistant WeatherMax® fans. We collaborate with aerospace engineers to develop our HVLS industrial fans. We've redesigned ceiling fan components to be easy to install, like our snap-on blades or pre-installed remote receivers. Although we are made up of a team of designers and engineers, we are inventors at heart.

Every day, we seek to exceed what is possible with ceiling fan technology and design. Our commitment to helping you transform your space at every step is what keeps us going every day.